Current Opportunities: 1. SAP Netweaver 2. SAP Netweaver Gateway 3. SAP UI5 Application developer 4. Native Mobile developer 5. Windows Desktop App

SATURATION is a common buzz word at the work place. If you have felt that you have reached a SATURATION point in your current employment/career and looking for a change, then SHRAS is an apt platform to show case and explore your abilities. Your LAST SATURATION point shall be your FIRST starting point in SHARS. JOIN SHRAS to scale heights in your career.

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Looking for Career Opportunities with SHRAS?

  1. SHRAS formula and vision is to think big and to implement some of the crucial innovative and technologically advanced Projects
  2. Since its inception, SHRAS has constantly developed and grown to realize its potential in various sectors of IT.
  3. At SHRAS, you acquire the attitude and motivation to grow.
  4. You have class facilities at your disposal to ensure output that is matching the Global Standards
  5. Along the way, we also help you discover yourself through world class learning and development system.
  6. Come, be a part of our family, share your perspectives, ideas and experiences as we grow together!
  7. We welcome FRESHERS also to bring in innovative and dynamic ideas in the respective areas.

Current Opportunities

Experience : 5 Years

  1. 1. SAP Netweaver
  2. 2. SAP Netweaver Gateway
  3. 3. SAP UI5 Application developer
  4. 4. Native Mobile developer
  5. 5. Windows Desktop App

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