Hospital Information System

Shras ITS flagship Healthcare Information System (HIS) product, implemented across more than 300 plus Hospitals globally. With the Dynamic changes in both Business and Technology, our HIS product is not only limited to address the current but also scale to Hospitals future requirements. Apart from many other features, our product using Information and Technology reduces the turnaround time of the patients and optimizes it based on the workflow process of the hospital.

HIS Product is fully compliant with various Health Regulators and Governing bodies globally which includes CBAHI, JCIA, HIMSS, HL7, ICD 10. HIS Product has strong flexible integration interfaces with our own PACS or 3rd Party, Insurance Companies, ERP which are key factors for our customers. It is already integrated with many ERP and Backend systems like SAP, Oracle, MS, Siege, Focus, Tally to name a few. We have integrated with almost more than 200 different brands of Medical Equipment’s used by various departments of the hospitals.

SHRAS HIS core modules include Front Office,Patient Organizer Billing,Discharge Summary Templates,Pharmacy,Master Manager – Multiple Hospitals setup Software Administration,Purchase Manager,Laboratory Information System (LIS& LIMS),Radiology Information System (RIS),Doctor Desk,Management Screen and Dashboards,MIS (Management Information System),Blood Bank Module,Bar and RFID Coding Integration,Multiple Pharmacy Setup and Nursing Information System

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SHRAS Group Healthcare Company constitutes of professional Engineers having decades of experience in Health Industry covering various regions Globally. We provide End to End solutions to Healthcare unit’s right from the CONCEPTION, INCEPTION to REALIZATION.

Shras ITS believes in long term partnership with our customers by providing Value Added Services and Solutions. Shras ITS has expertise in providing solutions which includes Bar Code/RFID, Messaging, Q- Management which are required by all hospitals.

Our Hospital Information System (HIS) is being used by many prominent hospitals in India and Abroad , ranging from 25 to 2000 bed Hospitals with 300 plus implementations globally

We provide all the functionalities required by any Hospital and it covers all the departments.

HIMS Core Modules

  • Front Office
  • Patient Organizer
  • Billing (Cash, Corporate, Insurance & Package)
  • Discharge Summary Templates
  • Pharmacy
  • Master Manager – Multiple Hospitals setup
  • Software Administration
  • Purchase Manager (Medical & General)
  • Laboratory Information System (LIS& LIMS)
  • Radiology Information System (RIS)
  • Doctor Desk
  • Management Screen and Dashboards
  • MIS (Management Information System)
  • Blood Bank Module
  • Bar and RFID Coding Integration
  • Multiple Pharmacy Setup
  • Nursing Information System
  • Multiple Billing Formats
  • Food and Beverages
  • Medical Stores & General Stores
  • Payroll Integrator
  • Auto Reorder Process Module
  • Medical Records
  • ICD 10 coding System
  • Operation Theater
  • Financial Accounting
  • ERP Integration Module
  • Bio Metric reader Integration with Payroll
  • Appointment Schedules
  • Mobile Modules
  • Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
  • Online Services
  • SMS & Email Services
  • Hospital Equipment Maintenance and Building Maintenance
  • Business Intelligence Module
  • Document Management System (DMS)
  • Super SpecialityModules(Cardiology, Neuro, Nephrology, Ortho....)
  • Fixed Assets Accounting
  • DICOM Viewer Controls
  • Self PACS and Integrator module
  • Smart Queue Management Modules
  • Hand Held Device Modules
  • Touch Screen Module
  • Tele MediCine& Tele Radiology
  • Lab & Critical Care Equipment Integration
  • Multi Lingual Support Modules
  • CSSD
  • House Keeping
  • Ambulatory Management and many more
  • Customization
  • SMS & Email Services
  • Lab Setup Manager
  • Reports
  • Patient Tracking
  • Lab Work Flow
  • Integrated QA/QC Functions
  • Full Audit Trail
  • Online Services
  • Lab & Critical Care Equipment Integration
  • Interface Integration, Mobile Application Integration
  • MIS (Management Information System)
  • Quick Links
  • Personalized Dashboard and many more

Additional Modules

  • Queue Management System
  • Online Appointments
  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
  • Operation Theatre
  • Blood Bank