Quality Assurance & Testing

Quality Assurance Plan is a critical part of any project, as it enables to agree a set of quality targets with the customers. It then helps in monitoring and controlling the level of quality, which further indicates the level of adherence to the targets. The purpose of quality assurance plan is to direct and facilitate the establishment of quality assurance activities within processes used to deliver right products and services to the clients. This also makes sure of the quality of the goods delivered.

At Shras ITS, we have a dedicated quality assurance team who are highly trained and experienced in dealing with large enterprise levels applications. The main function of the quality assurance team is to guide the technical staff to gradually improve the standards relating to quality.

Quality assurance team will initiate the process and will take part in each and every phase of the process. The roles and responsibilities of quality assurance team are:
  • To develop and maintains the quality assurance plan.
  • To conduct the audits and reviews
  • To ensure the quality assurance processes and procedures adequately control processes.
  • To review and approve specific deliverables.
  • To promptly report the results of audits to management.
  • To implement task level quality control based on quality assurance standards.
  • To manage defects, errors and corrections.
Different methods and techniques are applied for the specific quality assurance activity. These are :
  • Structured walkthroughs are applied for detecting errors and improving products at any process stage.
  • Independent evaluation of process activities or finished products is done through checklists and meetings.
  • Independent examination of the products is carried out according to standards or contractual agreements.