Global Support and
Delivery Center - GSDC

SHRAS ITS provides unique way of delivering projects to the customers using the global delivery model as the process of executing IT projects across the globe utilizing resources located at Offshore Center which is the state of art Technology Support and Delivery Center. This involves gathering/analyzing customer requirements at the client site while executing the project using multiple teams located at the Offshore Center with blended options, whether onshore or offshore. Tasks can be divided among various operational teams and controlled by distributed project management. This model can also be used to deliver a customized project based on the client’s requirements

On Shore Delivery Model: Based on our client requirements, we study and analyze the requirements and deploy experienced technical experts on shore at client's location in building their business capabilities, build, test and implement robust, small, medium and large applications at client location and continuously follow up till the operations are completely streamlined.

Off Shore Delivery Model: We leverage our in house state of the art infrastructure and deploy a dedicated team of professionals in building the required applications and implement them remotely in line and consistent with the outlined requirements with a thorough and comprehensive established communication model with the assigned team of our clients.

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SHRAS Global Delivery Models

Onsite Model

In this model, consultants are deployed at the client site, working from the initial consultation until the project’s completion. These Consultants will have face-to-face client interaction and a clear understanding of the client’s requirements and expectations. There are no communication gaps, which enables better project control and management.

Offsite/Nearshore Model

In this model, a consultant works remotely, but resides in the same city or country as that of the client. It may also be possible that some consultants will work at the client site while others work from a remote location within the same territory. This model could be a combination of onsite and offsite (onshore).

Offshore Model

In this model, all the project tasks from the start until completion will be accomplished from the GSDC as an outsourcing team. It may be recommended that project managers or delivery managers should be assigned at both the client as well as the offshore site to have better project control and manageability.

Hybrid Model

This model features the combination of onsite, offsite, and onshore models. The Hybrid model provides the cost-effectiveness of the offshore model as well as the face-to-face contact that is crucial to preventing communication gaps and ensuring your projects’ success. The ultimate solution is usually the integrated Onsite-Nearshore model, as it is usually as effective as the Onsite model, yet offers the cost-efficiency of offshore development.