Helpdesk Services

An IT help desk is often the first line of support for many organizations. However, some businesses can’t justify the cost of implementing and managing a dedicated help desk to serve the demands of their end users due to a lack of available IT resources or budgetary constraints. This creates a unique challenge: end users need access to support for productivity, yet a fully staffed help desk is out of the question.

Solving the conundrum involves finding a balance between supporting users and reining in costs, without either spiralling out of control. Still, businesses lacking an IT support mechanism will encounter productivity-sapping problems, which may not have any easy solutions, forcing them to employ their very best creative problem-solving skills.

SHRAS ITS helps in creating a help desk for internal and external staffers should not be an insurmountable challenge. There are myriad options available, ranging from cloud-based contracted services, Managed Service Vendors, value-added reseller (VAR) provided solutions to internally deployed hardware and software..

SHRAS ITS extends its capabilities to take the customer’s complete IT Helpdesk which is an integral part of the Managed Services which involves both Infrastructure and business applications. Infrastructure services includes Networking, wifi clusters, Telephony Services, IT Security.

SHRAS ITS accomplishes by adopting some industry standard best practices, and right resources including:

  • Implement a web-based knowledge base tool.
  • Use the help desk software system to increase communications with agents and customers.
  • Make a customer self-help portal accessible 24 hours every day.
  • Install service request automation processes in your help desk software.
  • Utilize real-time help desk reports, dashboards, metrics, and analytics.
  • Institute an asset management system and integrate it with the help desk software system.
  • Apply a change management system.
  • Perform customer satisfaction surveys on a regular basis.