Network Operations Center(NOC)

A network operations center (NOC), is a centralized location where IT technicians directly support the efforts of remote monitoring and management applications. NOC teams are heavily utilized as part of managed IT services and a tremendous driver of service delivery..

SHRAS ITS offers Data Center services that allow Data consolidation, automation, and virtualization that enterprises active and Reliable IT platform. Leads the highest rate for Back up and reduce 80 % infrastructure costs with good ROI.

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How we are different?

  • SHRAS ITS technical teams keep a watchful eye over the endpoints to monitor and manage independently resolving issues
  • SHRAS ITS will focus on monitoring and maintenance of a client’s IT environment to meet SLAs and ensure client uptime free of technical malfunctions
  • NOC teams are also heavily involved in high-level security actions, maintenance, backup and disaster recovery (BDR) efforts, ensuring 24x7x365 uptime for an our customers.

What SHRAS ITS can do:

  1. Application software installations, troubleshooting and updating
  2. Email management services
  3. Backup and storage management
  4. Network discovery and assessments
  5. Policy enforcement
  6. Firewall and intrusion prevention system (IPS) monitoring and management
  7. Transformation
  8. Migration
  9. Enhancement services
  10. Patch management and whitelisting
  11. Shared threat analysis
  12. Optimization and quality of service reporting
  13. Voice and video traffic management
  14. Performance reporting and improvement recommendations
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